Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aragoshi Mikan!

Aragoshi "Mikan" is here!This time I will be introducing another Liqueur.This little beauty is from the fine people over at Ume no Yado shuzo (Recent article posted on Urban Sake
Aragoshi "Mikan" (mandarin orange)
あらごし みかん
Alcohol: 7%
Brewery: Ume no Yado Shuzo / Nara Prefecture
Sake and distilled alcohol base

Tasteing notes:
On the nose: Mikan Juice.

On the palate: Tastes just like mikan juice, save the slight warming feel from the alcohol. The alcohol comes through a little bit on the tongue with a slight bite on the finish, but doesn't get in the way. Lots of pulp.

Other notes:
  • The key point with this drink is it has a LOT of pulp, which creates a really fun and interesting taste. As you drink, and chew, each kernel of mikan explodes with a burst of sweet juice. Definitely a must try!
  • Unlike a lot of Liqueurs these days, "Mikan" is not overly sweet or concentrated, so you can drink this one straight or on the rocks.
  • "Mikan" is just one of a long list of liqueurs put out by Ume no Yado, so look forward to more in future posts!
  • "Mikan" is an unpasteurized liqueur, so keep this one in the fridge.
  • Comes in one size: 720ml.


Meishu no Yutaka staff

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