Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A blast from the past!

I'm setting my Delorean time machine to six months ago, an age in which the people of earth celebrated Holidays such as Christmas and new years.

On a more serious note: every year, in December, Mansaku no Hana releases a very stylish Sake set including a 180ml bottle of Daiginjo sake and one cute little blue cup. The whole set sells for about ¥1,000 and makes a really good stocking stuffer. At the time, I bought a bottle with the intentions of drinking it as soon as possible. One thing led to another, and we arrived at about a night or two ago when, after 6 months of sitting unopened in my refrigerator, I finally got around to opening it. Now it is not generally recommended to age your own sake, (although I think it is a blast, and highly recommend experimenting with it) as not all sake ages well and you run the risk of turning a perfectly good bottle of sake into something you may or may not want to drink.
I had a six month aged bottle of Mansaku no Hana, so I drank it, and the drinking was good.

Mansaku no Hana / まんさくの花
Daiginjo / 大吟醸
Alcohol: 15~16% / Polish: 50%
SMV: No data
Hi no Maru Jouzo / Akita Prefecture
Tasting notes:
On the nose: Very very light, little bit of a honey smell coming from the half year aging in my fridge. Very little nose for a Daiginjo, most likely diminished by the aging.

On the palate: Little bit on the sweet side, but very well rounded out by the sturdy acid structure. Really round mouth feel with a slight hint of vanilla. Finish was crisp and pleasant.

Other notes:
  • The SMV data on this was thrown out several months ago, but my guess would be somewhere around a +3~4.
  • I unfortunately didn't get a chance to taste a fresh bottle of this sake, as it would be a lot of fun to compare the two.
  • Mansaku no Hana has a full line up of a lot of good sake, so look forward to more posts!


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