Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another great from our friends at Heiwa-shuzou!

After a short hiatus here (Busy getting married), It's back to blogging! (See Mansaku no Hana's blog {5/24 posting}, or Nanbu Bijin's blog for pictures!)

But back to business...
Heiwa-shuzo's brain child, the Tsuru-ume series, hits yet another home run!

Tsuru-ume Kanjuku Nigori / 鶴梅完熟にごり
Alcohol: 8% / Distilled Alc. base
Heiwa Shuzo / Wakayama Prefecture

Tasting notes:
On the nose: Very sweet with a bit of a bite that makes your nose tingle. Strong plum with hints of peach.

On the palate: Sweet but not overly sweet. Strong peach up front with plum bringing up the rear. Good acid base gives it a nice roundness and slight depth of flavor.

Other notes:
  • Now, when I heard the word Nigori (unfiltered, or cloudy) in combination with liqueur, the first word that came out of my mouth was "WHAT?" Nigori, often associated with Nigori sake, or unfiltered sake, isn't a word you hear too often when talking about liqueur, but it does pop up now and then. This is however, the first time, in any of our memories, that we have had a liqueur labeled "Nigori" in the store.

  • I took the above picture to illustrate the differences in clarity between the Normal Kanjuku and the Kanjuku Nigori. The Nigori coming in the cool reverse label on the left.
  • Being unfiltered gives the Nigori a much stronger palate of peach, one of the ingredients (Kanjuku is a plum peach mix), although the nose doesn't change all that much.
  • We just received our sample bottle a day or two ago, and it will be available in about a week or so in store.
Untill next time!


Meishu no Yutaka staff


  1. Congratulations! On the wedding!

    Albert F.

  2. Thank you!
    It was a blast!
    Japanese style weddings sure are interesting.

    Does make for a bit of a backup in Blog postings and tasting notes though. (^_^;


  3. Mmm, we have been drinking the sour one we got. It's just delicious !!

    Congratulations on the wedding (if I didn't mention it while we were there) and thanks for the uzura ;p

    Kat @ J-Sekka

  4. Sorry for the late response...
    I wasn't able to update the blog from America like I had hoped (T_T).
    (Too much wine tasting maybe....)
    I'm glad that you have been enjoying the Tsuru-ume Sour!
    I really like that one too!

    Soo....If anyone out there lives near Niseko Hokkaido Japan,


    Thanks again Kat!