Thursday, June 11, 2009

Celebrating this year's Utou with a toast to last year's!

Coming back full circle, back to the same brewery as the very first sake posted in this blog, we find ourselves back at Nishida Shuzo, makers of the famous "Denshu."

What I would like to present to you today, however, (not Denshu) is one of the lesser known labels produced by Nishida Shuzo: Utou!
This years Utou was just just released a couple of weeks ago, and to celebrate it's release, I would like to do a spot on last year's Utou, which has aged beautifully over the last year.

Utou / 善知鳥
Daiginjo / 大吟醸
Alcohol: 16~17% / Polish: 40%
SMV: +3
Nishida Shuzo / Aomori Prefecture

Tasting notes:
On the nose: Very clean, slightly sweet, light, and fruity.

On the palate: Light to medium bodied. Dry with an underlying fruity sweetnes that rounds the mouthfeel. Quick clean finish that leaves you reaching for another sip.

Other notes:
  • Utou is a much lesser known label from Nishida Shuzo; meaning that it may be a little bit harder to find stores that carry it.
  • Utou is a sake for the more serious sake aficionado, as it is a far more complex sake than your average table sake. you will also find yourself digging a little bit further into your pockets as well.
  • This post is on last year's Utou, but look forward to (hopefully) a posting on this year's Utou in future posts.
  • Look for other great sake from Nishida Shuzo under the Denshu and Kikuizumi labels.
  • I don't think you fine folks over in the states will be able to find the Utou label in stores, but if you have the chance, and the interest, ask your local Sake shop, you never know.
Playing a little bit of catch up here, but I would also like to up the pace of my posting a little bit. Please feel free to post any suggestions or requests for reviews of sakes you have seen, or have caught your attention. I will be attaching an email address to this account pretty soon, so I will also start accepting questions and comments by email!

Thank you to all who have been reading, and I hope that this blog can eventually become a one stop sake notebook for all!


Meishu no Yutaka staff

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