Monday, July 27, 2009

Shochu Tengumai Style!

I know what you are all thinking
"Shochu? I thought this was a sake blog...You traitor!"
Well maybe not quite those words, but hear me out.
This is not your average Shochu.
Tengumai / 天狗舞
Jiroukaja / 次郎冠者
Shochu / 焼酎
Alcohol: 41% / Aged 5 years
Shata Shuzo / Ishikawa Prefecture
Tasting notes:
On the nose: Very fragrant, lots of Ginjo-ka (that beautiful fragrance you get from a good Ginjo Sake!). Hints of dark honey, and a little bit of a fruity sweetnes.
On the palate: Very round, Explosive flavor. Dark honey and Fruity notes carry through, Sake like characteristics, strong bite from alcohol. Very fragrant inside mouth.
Other notes:
  • Shata Shuzo has played around with making shochu in the past, but this is the first time I have encountered anything of this high a level under the Tengumai shochu label.
  • This is a Kome Shochu, or Rice Shochu, and is made using the "Sake Kasu" (pressings left behind after the solids are seperated from the liquids in the sake making proccess) from a Ginjo class sake, so You get a lot of the characteristics of a Ginjo sake coming through in both the Nose and the Palate.
  • This Shochu was made using two distillation methods, the first creates a depth of flavor and a sharper taste profile, while the second creates a much rounder mouth feel and a smoother taste. The two are then blended until the desired taste and smell are achieved.
  • This Shochu has been aged for 5 years, giving it an extra layer of complexity and making it slightly smoother.
If you have a chance I highly recommend trying this one out. It is a new creation from the masterminds of Shata Shuzo, and I for one look forward to more shochu out of the Tengumai Label.
I didn't have a chance to update from America as I had planned (T_T) but I will be posting updates about what happened in the coming weeks.
Thanks for sticking around,
Until next time,
Meishu no Yutaka staff


  1. Love your blog- I always learn something. Wish I lived close enough to shop regularly in your store!

  2. Thank you!
    I love to hear that!

    Sorry I have not posted in a little bit, but the store is one person short this month and I am pulling 12 hour days in the store.
    I hope to resume posting soon.

    If you live in Japan, please give us a call.
    We ship to all of Japan with postal money order payments.
    Even If you are not shopping I always love to talk sake with other fans!

    Thanks again!